Label Holder Application Guide


Label Holders reduce errors in order picking and save time wasted looking for the right item. The following table lists the best label holders for many common applications.

Bar Codes
Label Changes
Pallet Rack SuperScan SuperScan Gold Holdex Slip-Strip
Signs & Location APX-911 APX-911 Slip-Strip
1″ Shelving Holdex Open Edge Hol-Dex Slip Strip
Retail Shelving Slip-Strip Slip-Strip Slip-Strip Slip-Strip
2″ Shelving Superscan Gold Slip-Strip SS-32 Hol-Dex Slip-Strip
Flow Rack Hol-Dex Open-Edge/Slip-Strip Hol-Dex Any
Wire Shelving Wire-Rac
Wire Baskets/Displays Snap-Label
Plastic Bins Bin Buddys
Totes SS-32, SS-35, SS-46