Shelving Selection Guide


When purchasing shelving it’s important to get the shelving that meets your needs. Below are some popular shelving styles and the applications where they are best suited.

Automotive Shelving: Automotive Shelving offers quick adjustment for changing inventories. Perfect for auto dealerships, parts stores and warehouses.

Industrial Shelving: This heavy duty shelving can handle high capacity loads.

Galvanized Shelving: Perfect for storage of solvents and oily or greasy parts.

Wire Shelving: Great for applications where cleanliness and sprinkler access matter.

Toolroom Shelving: Toolroom shelving offers heavy duty storage of toolroom supplies.

Rivet Shelving: This light duty shelving is easy to assemble and works best in light industrial or commercial applications.

Commercial Shelving: Excellent for offices, light industrial or commercial applications.

Office Shelving: Office shelving offers an attractive design that goes with most office decor.