Bulk Shelving Basics

Tennsco Bulk Storage Rack

Tennsco Bulk Storage Rack

Bulk shelving is one of the most popular storage systems available. Bulk shelving is extremely easy to put together and can be configured to meet a wide range of needs. Bulk shelving can be purchased as pre-engineered units or can be custom built using components specified by the buyer. Configuring your own bulk shelving unit allows complete customization to your storage needs. The following components are required for building a bulk shelving system.

Posts / Uprights: These vertical beams feature punches that allow for shelf or shelf support placement. Several different punch styles are available depending on desired capacity.

Shelf Supports: Shelf supports do just what the name implies; support the shelves. Models vary by desired capacity. Some manufacturers have their shelves integrated with their shelf supports.

Decking: The surface where products, parts and inventory rest. Wire, steel and plywood decking are the most common types. Most bulk rack can be purchased without decking allowing the buyer to cut or purchase their own plywood.

Box Rails: Box rails divide and keep boxes organized.

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