Label Holder Benefits

Label Holders
Insertable Plastic Label Holders, Magnetic Card Holders and Erasable Magnetic Tags offer a quick and easy means of changing a label. Simply remark the label and insert into the label holder to change a designation or location. This cost saving system has been around for decades according to industry leader Aigner Index who pioneered the insertable feature in the 1950s.

Organization Benefits:
Every efficient storage facility must know where everything is all the time. This would be much easier to accomplish
if products and locations did not change, but they do, and that’s when problems develop. Label Holders are a management tool that helps solve these problems.

Cost Justification:
Whatever the initial investment is for a label holder system, it has been well-documented that the payback in
materials, labor and overall efficiency, will be justified by:
• Ease of normal label changes
• Cost savings of 50 percent in materials eliminating, expensive, hard to remove self-adhesive labels
• percent minimum savings in labor to apply and remove self-adhesive labels with no more shelf clean up time.

Protecting Bar Codes:
Most storage and distribution facilities either use an automated bar coded inventory system or expect to
in the near future. Bar codes must be protected from dirt and moisture to prevent an inaccurate scan. This, obviously, would create a major inventory discrepancy or possibly a lost customer. A clear, plastic label holder with a matte, non-glare, finish ensures scanning compatibility and protects the bar code.

Professional Labels Made In-House:
Additional savings can be accomplished by utilizing standard or optional pre-perforated, 8-1/2″ x 11″ Laser/Ink Jet Compatible Insert Sheets. These are supplied with simple printing instructions in a standard word processing format and are available for most label holder sizes from the manufacturer. Print neat and professional labels well in advance or on an “as needed” basis at virtually no expense, in house.

Many Applications:
Years of consumer demand for new product development have resulted in a wide selection of Label Holders — each designed to solve a specific labeling problem.

• Aisles — Insertable label holders mounted on the face of racks or shelving uprights and ceiling hung signs start the warehouse mapping process.
• Pallet Racks – 3″ x 5″ or 4″ x 6″ side or top loading insertable label holders, preferably bar code compatible like Aigner’s popular “Superscan” design are the most popular choice.
• Wire Mesh Decking — If the waterfall limits your labeling capabilities, Aigner’s “Adapt-A-Strip” snaps on to
the exposed #4 wire to quickly create
a labeling solution.
• Wire Shelving — This application certainly was the #1 labeling problem of the 1990s but since solved Aigner’s snap-on “Wire-Rac” label holders. They install easily, have a clear window that protects the label and are bar code compatible.
• Steel Shelving & Flow Rack — The largest selection of styles, colors, and sizes available in a wide range of prices. No product has out performed Aigner’s original “Hol-Dex” for this application. After more than 50 years of market exposure “Hol-Dex” remains Aigner’s most popular style.
• Retail Shelving — Retailers change bar code labels and prices frequently and prefer a bottom loading design that also accommodates Point of Purchase messages. Aigner’s “Slip-Strip” label holder system was developed specifically for this applicationand is available in a “clip-on” design for shelf channels or a self adhesive style for flat surfaces.
• Plastic Bins & Totes — Aigner’s “Bin-Buddy’s” label holder features a new space age adhesive system, which will permanently adhere to any plastic — a “new” solution to an age-old problem.

Backing Options:
Look for a time tested Self-Adhesive backing for the most permanent and lowest cost application. Keep in mind that the label holder’s insertable feature allows for easy label relocation. Magnets, in a wide range of sizes and strengths, increase the versatility of a label holder system, but at a higher cost than self-adhesive. Hook & Loop Fasteners such as “VELCRO” are more aggressive than magnets, work well on non-metallic surfaces, but again, significantly increase the cost. Finally, for any relatively high volume application a custom made snap-on extrusion may be the best solution.

Return on Investment:
This is what it’s all about. At what point does your investment in label holders start to pay monetary returns? Calculate the total savings in time and materials and consider the contribution to productivity from an overall better working environment. The results of case studies performed with major retailers confirm that the return on your initial investment will occur within a 12-month period.