Pallet Flow Rack Guide


Pallet flow racks deliver the ultimate in efficiency for storing quantities of goods and products on pallets, in totes and cartons. Pallets or packages are impelled by gravity and are charged in at one end of the system to glide at controlled speeds unloading. In addition to improving efficiency a pallet flow rack system saves floor space because it requires less aisles. Pallet flow racks can be used for FIFO o LIFO picking. Some major companies that use pallet flow rack include, Mazda, Proctor Gamble, Sherwin Williams and the United States Military. Pallet flow rack is available in many pre-engineered designs but custom applications are available. The three most popular systems are listed below.

Light Duty Pallet Flow Rack Systems
Excellent for self-service warehousing, distribution centers, manufacturing, coolers, electronics, health/beauty and pharmaceutical applications.

Capacities: Small boxes, cartons and totes weighing up to 100 lbs.

Medium Duty Pallet Flow Rack Systems

Excellent for self-Service, laundries, warehousing, distribution centers, manufacturing, coolers/freezers, electronics, publishing, medical, dental, optical etc…

Capacities: Boxes, cartons, tubs and pallets weighing up to 1000 lbs.

Heavy Duty Pallet Flow Rack Systems

Wells suited for aerospace, aeronautics, automotive, manufacturing, fabrication, grocery warehousing/distribution centers, food and beverage coolers/freezers and much more.

Capacities: Pallets and containers weighing up to 4000 lbs.