Pallet Rack Components


Generally pallet rack is ordered by purchasing seperate components that end up going together to create one rack unit. It may seem overly complicated to have to order racking this way, but it allows for the rack to be purchased base on your exact needs. Here’s a rundown of the standard pallet rack components:

Upright Frames: Upright frames are made up of two columns (usually a structural C-channel) which carry the vertical load of the pallets. These two columns are punched in various increments. Teardrop punching is the most common punch type. Between the frames is the bracing, the two most common types of bracing are “X” bracing and “Z” bracing. “X” bracing is good for heavy duty applications where impact resistance is important. “Z” bracing will work for areas where rack damage is not a factor; to prevent the need for more expensive “X” bracing purchase protective rack guards.

Shelf Beams: Shelf beams are made of structural steel and are punched to allow the installation of pallet supports or safety bars. An important thing to remember is that a shorter beam will always have more capacity than a longer one if they are both the same height, if you want long beams and high capacity you must increase the height of the beam accordingly.

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