Select a Scissor Lift – Ergo Strain Prevention

Presto Lifts - Standard Duty Scissor Lifts

Presto Lifts - Standard Duty Scissor Lifts

Guidelines for Choosing a Scissor Lift

Vertical Travel
Determine the maximum raised height requirements to select
vertical travel model.

Load Capacity and Side/End Loading Capacities
Load capacity is the amount of weight of an evenly balanced and centered load. Side/End capacity is the weight of the load over the edge when lift is in a fully raised position (often less than balanced load capacity).

Platform Size
Standard platform sizes conform to standard base sizes. Platform sizes may be widened and/or lengthened up to an additional 24”. Side/End capacity is down rated by 2% per inch on all oversized platforms.

Power Supply
Single phase 1 HP motor or three phase 1 1/2 HP motor is standard as shown. Upon request motors can be interchanged. External/Remote power units are also available. Controls Hand held, push button up/down control is standard. Optional foot operated controls, wall-mounted controls, and limit switches are alternate types of controls.

Frequency and Speed of Operation
Standard motor is intermittent duty rated. If usage is more than one full lift every four minutes or jogging action every 10 seconds, motor will overheat. Optional external power units available for continuous running, as well as for increased lifting speed.

Lowered Height
For a lower than standard height, pit mounted units (ground level) are available. Pit mounted units must have beveled platform edges or electromechanical toe guards to conform to OSHA recommendations. Toe guards extend length and width of standard platform by 8”.

• Oversized Platforms: platforms can be widened and lengthened up to an additional 24”.
• Platforms with Beveled Edges: increases standard platform size 4” on each side.
• Pit Mounted Units: require electromechanical toe guards or a beveled edge platform. Lifting eyes are also required for installation.
• Portable (for moving empty lifts): 2 steel wheels – side or end mounted with wheeled dolly. For oversized platforms, please consult the factory.
• Turntables: custom sizes are available.
• Conveyor Tops, Ball Transfer Platforms and special fixtures.
• Optional Top Material: stainless steel skin and diamond plate.
• Transportable package available with two fixed and two swivel casters for moving loaded units.

Power Unit (Motors)
• Single phase 1 HP motor or three phase 1 1/2 HP motor can be interchanged on most models at no extra charge. (Not available on XS models.)
• External/Remote, Continuous Operating Motors, Air Motors and Hazardous Location Motors are available, please consult the sales department

Electric Controls
• Push button hand held control (NEMA 12) with 8’ cord is standard.
• Optional foot operated up/down control with safety cover.
• Wall-mounted control (NEMA 4) is available.
• Pedestal mounted controls feature NEMA 12 push button enclosure.

Other Options
• Accordion (bellows) skirts
• Non-flammable hydraulic fluid
• Wash down units
• Adjustable flow control valve
• Fork pockets

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