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Presto Lifts - Floor Level Lift and Tilt

Presto Lifts - Floor Level Lift and Tilt

Guidelines for Tilt Tables

Loads Being Tilted
Determine all types of loads that might be tilted, i.e. boxes, pallets, wire baskets, crated, corrugated steel, wire steel, wire bound wood boxes, etc. to assure proper model.

Loads Capacity
Take into consideration the weight of the container and contents, and off-centered and shifting loads.

Degree of Tilt
Determine the degree of tilt needed: 30 degree, 45 degree, 60 degree, and 90 degree. All 60 degree and 90 degree tilt tables must be lagged down to the floor.

Platform Size
Standard platform sizes conform to standard bases. Platform sizes can be widened and lengthened. Determine width, length (depth) and height of load being tilted. Standard lip size 8”. Optional oversize lip available for larger loads (containers). Gussets (1 or 2) for squaring (centering) load are an available option.

Orientation of Tilt
Determine which side the unit will tilt on. Platform size of 36” x 48” could be tilted on either the 36” or the 48” side depending on application.

Type of Mount
Units can be floor mounted, stand mounted, or scissor lift mounted (for vertical lift and tilt). All tilt applications must be lagged to the floor. Lift and tilt applications require tilt tables to be mounted on the roller end of the scissor lifts, and not exceed use.

Power Supply

Standard and wide base tilt tables have 115/1/60 1 HP motors. There is an option for 230, 460/3/60 1 ½ HP motor. Lightweight tilt tables have 115/1/60 1/3 HP motors only. Lift and tilt applications operate on two (2) separate power packs, unless otherwise specified.

Pneumatic power supply assembly includes a refillable chamber having an interior capable for holding a pressurized fluid, a vent, and a fluid inlet. A pressure release mechanism with the chamber permits the pressure within the chamber to vent, when the pressure exceeds a predetermined optimum pressure. Pneumatic power is completely operated on plant air, and  “EPA friendly”.

Hand held, push button up/down controls are standard on all tilt tables.  Standard and wide base tilt tables can interchange a foot control. Lightweight tilt tables have an option for a foot control. Lift and tilt applications require two (2) separate controls.

Standard and Wide Base Tilter Options
•    Oversize lip up to 24” (over24” consult factory)
•    Gussets (reinforcing sides, lip/platform)
•    Oversize platform (wider and longer) in 6” increments
•    Floor stand – 12” high is standard  (custom sizes available)
•    Fork pockets (not available on some units)
•    3 Phase 1 ½ HP motor (208, 230, 460/3/60) – not available for light-weight models
•    Controls – A hand held push button control is standard, unless otherwise specified. A foot or pedestal control is optional
•    External, larger motors available on some models
•    Accordion protective skirts
•    Pit mounted units require a beveled edge – extends standard top 8” (4” each side) – or electromechanical toe guards
•    Portable and transportable options available on some units

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