Guide to Material Lifts

Genie Material Lift

Standard Base Genie® Superlift Advantage

Material lifts are used for light, heavy and specialized lifting of materials. Typically material lifts can be moved by one person and are easy to transport from work site to work site. The following list can help you decide which material lift is right for you.

Portable Hoist: Excellent for positioning and installing a wide variety of materials, including metal and fiberboard ducts, overhead sprinklers, plumbing, drywall and ceiling panels.

Load Lifter: Excellent for warehouses, use it to lift and move everything from computer and electronic equipment to small appliances or manufactured parts.

Genie Lift – GL Series: Well suited for shipping/receiving, lifting heavy materials to or from shelves, installing and repairing HVAC components or lifting and moving heavy automotive parts.

Superlift Contractor: Ideal for construction firms and contractors, this lift is well suited for industrial applications and HVAC installations.

Superlift Advantage: This manually operated material lift can be equipped with a wide range of attachments to suit the product being moved.

Super Tower: The industry standard for theatrical productions and entertainment events. This lift telescopes lighting, sound systems and scenery. A flat black finish makes allows the lift to remain virtually invisible to audiences.