Mobile Storage System Flexibility

The inherent flexibility of the mobile storage system concept allows for custom designing of each system to store nearly any material in any configuration in any location.  The obstacles in any plant location — columns, architectural constraints, and other building barriers — require special engineering and tailoring of mobile systems to fit the needs of the user.  A wide variety of mobile storage units is available for use with wide-span shelving, pallet rack, cantilever rack, industrial containers, special-purpose racking, and other types of various storage equipment available.

100% Selectivity
Mobile systems offer 100% rack or shelf selectivity at all times. Some systems can provide storage density but at the expense of selectivity and/or access. The mobile concept delivers maximum density with full 100% selectivity.

Hand or Lift Truck Loading
The flexibility of mobile high-density storage systems accommodates either order-picking or lift-truck loaded installations — and the systems will handle any material regardless of bulk, size, weight, or configuration. These systems can range from perishable storage to steel warehousing, and they can handle any payload a material handoing and storage operation might require. There are no restrictions to type of rack or shelving. The carriages can be designed to carry any material up to 250 tons per individual mobile carriage, extending to 200 feet in length and 40 feet high.

Fast and Easy Access
Mobile systems can be tailored to the activity level of any type of operation. All that needs to be determined is how often access is needed to a storage position. And regardless of whether it is a rack storage or unit storage on shelves, quicker and easier order-filling is possible because it is in a smaller space and therefore requires less travel time for an operator.

CVU Factor
It is commonly known that the average industrial storage floor space consists of 40% storage and 60% access aisles. The elimination of nonproductive access aisles maximizes the available footage of present building space for more material storage. Further, the dollar savings include not only cubic volume utilization (CVU), but attendant energy costs for heating, lighting, and air conditioning wasted aisle spaces. In frozen food storage this cost can be exorbitant. A complete CVU analysis of existing storage facilities is essential, whereby recommendations include layouts for the most efficient use of present storage areas and also details for planning future growth and expansion utilizing mobile systems.

Hand-Loaded Storage

Case-type, wide-span, and other types of storage equipment can be tailored to accommodate any hand-loaded goods stored such as parts, case goods order picking, supplies, tools, records, automotive TBA parts, electrical parts, and paper goods. Interfacing and mixing of material storage within high-density mobile storage modules can be achieved because of the inherent flexibility of the mobile concept.

Material Control and Security
Spacesaver systems minimize material damage because the concept compacts the material stored into a protected and controlled “cube of storage.”  Therefore only a small percentage of storage positions or goods are vulnerable to damage atany one time. Modules, when compacted and locked, reduce the opportunity of pilferage.

A variety of mobile storage systems is available from Material Flow.