Cantilever Rack Selection Guide

Cantilever Rack from Material Flow and Conveyor Systems

Cantilever Rack from Material Flow and Conveyor Systems

Configuring a cantilever rack system is easy! Just follow the steps below.

1. Define the load: Length, depth, height, weight and the required size of the arm spacing all need to be considered.

2. Determine load deflection and number of uprights: Load deflection is the sagging of the load between the arms. Space blocks on the floor at an equal distance apart under the load until you have no sagging. Each block represents one arm. However many blocks you have is equal to how many uprights you need.

3. Arm Selection: Divide the total weight by the number of arms, as required.  Match the load capacity required with the appropriate arm length and select proper arm from table. Arm length should equal load depth.

Safety Considerations

Loading Pattern: Load weights must be evenly distributed over number of arms used to support it. The overhang should equal 1/2 the column spacing. This will assure even loading on all arms.

Column Capability: Do not exceed column capacities. Count the number of arms to be
used on column; find arm capacitiy on spec sheet and multiply by number of arms per column.

Arm Loading: Equally distributed and centered loads are rated for full capacity, end loads reduce capacity by 50%. Always place loads as far back as possible.