Guide to Scissor Lifts

Standard Scissor Lift

Standard Scissor Lift

An aerial work platform (AWP) or elevated work platform (EWP) is a mechanical device used to provide temporary access for people or equipment to inaccessible areas.

One type of AWP used to reach high areas is a scissor lift, which is a very useful device for reducing worker fatigue and injury while increasing productivity at the same time. They maintain an appropriate height in relation to the operator and the process. Awkward, repetitive bending and stretching motions that cause Cumulative Trauma Disorders are eliminated. It moves upwards unfolding in a criss-crossing “X” pattern, which helps give the loads being lifted evenly distributed support. Because it is only able to move vertically, there may also be an extending ‘bridge’ to allow closer access to the work area.

The contraction of the scissor action can be hydraulic, pneumatic, or mechanical. Depending on the power system that is employed, it may require no power to enter ‘descent’ mode, but uses instead a simple release of hydraulic or pneumatic pressure. This method of manually lowering the platform to the ground is actually preferred because it is controlled and, therefore, fail safe.

Material Flow & Conveyor Systems, Inc. offers many different types of medium and small-sized scissor lifts from a variety of manufacturers. You can be sure to find something you need among the selection of items available. Some scissor lifts are stationary while others are mobile while some of the lifts feature turntables or tilters. The addition of a turntable to a lift table allows workers to be much more efficient. Allowing for rotating loads, valuable time is saved, and injury risks are reduced by eliminating the need to reach, stretch or walk around loads. Turntables can also be mounted to fixed height tables or the floor. The addition of a tilter helps position a product by tilting it to a specific angle and sliding it off the platform to where it belongs. This reduces worker fatigue because the worker does not have to physically lift heavy items to put them in their place. Some of the scissor lifts require no electricity and can be used anywhere that shop air is available. These pneumatic lifts require less maintenance than the more conventional hydraulic scissor lifts and, because there is no hydraulic fluid, there is no potential for process contaminations.

Material Flow has lifts for every need, here’s just a small sample of what they carry.

Pneumatic Scissor Lifts

•Standard & Heavy Duty

•Rotating table top

•Tilt table top

Hydraulic Scissor Lifts


•Tilt table top

Electric Scissor Lifts

•Light Duty

Material Flow is an authorized distributor of these Manufacturers:

American Lifts, Autoquip, Bishamon, Lexco, Pentalift, Presto Lifts, Vestil, Wesco Industrial Products