Conveyor Spacing and Grade Guide

Roller Center Spacing

In order to convey your product smoothly and efficiently, it must be supported by a minimum of three rollers. To compute the center to center roller spacing required, divide the length of your package by 3. The dividend is your required spacing. For example, a package 24″ long, divided by 3, yields a dividend of 8. Therefore, the required spacing would be 8″ center to center. Flexible bottom packages require four or more supporting rollers per package.

Grade Suggestions

Grades recommended are not exact and should only be used to estimate your requirements. Figures at left are intended for average conditions, using proper size rollers for materials handled. Additional grade may be required in some cases.

Starting a package from rest on level lines requires a push of approximately 3% of the total load. For heavy loads a pitch of 1/8″ per foot will reduce push required.

The amount of drop required for 90 degree curves with 4′ inside radius is approximately the same as required per 10′ section.

Wheel Spacing

Products to be conveyed on wheel conveyor should have a smooth and firm bottom to maximize conveyability. It is important to not that wheel conveyor should have a minimum of 5 wheels under smallest box size and a minimum of 3 axles under it all time.