Nestable Pallet Guide

Nestable Pallet

Today’s distribution systems are becoming more and more complex. With shorter life cycles, increased inventory speed and more rapid order to delivery demands, it is critical that products move quickly, safely and efficiently through the supply chain.

Nestable pallets move store and distribute loads within a single warehouse/distribution center. When empty, plastic pallets nest for a cost efficient return trip or warehouse storage. Nestable pallets also interface with all types of high-speed automation and material handling equipment. When combined with Top-Caps sleeves or seat belts a fully unitized load is completed, eliminating the need for stretch wrapping or banding. Here are the top 8 reasons to consider a Nestable Pallet from Material Flow.

1. Limited warehouse space. Nestability allows more storage in a smaller area.

2. Rising transportation costs. Nesting pallets take up less space on the return trip.

3. You can’t afford downtime in automated systems caused by wood pallets.

4. Wood pallets don’t meet your sanitary needs.

5. You frequently have to purchase wood pallets to maintain product flow.

6. Your pallet is used in retail environments where aesthetics matter.

7. You use RFID to track pallets and product.

8. Your shipments occur in closed loop systems.

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