The Proven Benefits of Metro Shelving

Metro Shelving is used in countless businesses across the U.S. here are some real world examples where Metro Shelving helped increase productivity and saved money.

Efficiency and Durability: Management at Circle K wanted to improve the efficiency of their cooler storage area. Metro Super Erecta Drop Mat Shelving with a Metroseal 2 finish was selected as the best storage solution. Storage density was increased by 30% and a 10 year warranted finish gave management piece of mind that their investment would last.

Accessories KeyLabs is the world’s largest commercial test facility for computer networking products. They chose Super Erecta shelving because of the shelving accessories that worked perfect for their business. Retractable keyboard shelves, wire drop shelves, wire management products, power strips and CD Rom towers were all important to increasing efficiency. Vice President of operations J.D Brisk had this to say about Metro Shelving, “The Metro racks convey a clean and attractive image, while providing us
with the value of solid, sturdy racking that we trust to support our equipment.”

Design: Shigeo Hair Salon need shelving but wanted a design that enhanced their space. They chose Metro Display shelving with the Etagere Top Accessory. After adding the shelving sales went up. Owner Tracy Constantine said, “When we added the Metro units,  we realized an immediate response. In addition to increased sales, clients commented on the shelving’s appearance.”