Docks Seal and Shelter Guide

Dock seals and shelters provide extra security and help maintain the internal climate of your plant or warehouse. In fact, the money spent on a dock seal is typically recouped within months thanks to the increased energy savings. In addition to saving energy, dock seals/shelters keep workers and products out of inclement weather. They can also increase storage by allowing trailers to become temperature controlled extensions of the building.

When purchasing a dock seal or shelter it is important to consider the following.

• Size and style of trailers to be serviced
• Grade of approach
• Size of overhead door
• Dock height
• Dock bumper size
• Mounting surface

It is important to get a dock seal/shelter system that works with the most common trailer sizes. No system is going to work for every trailer. Figure out the most common trailer size that visits your dock and buy accordingly.

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