The Basics of Mobile Shelving Systems

Mobile shelving or storage systems can seem complex at first glance but in reality they are very simple. Shelves and racks are installed on wheel carriages that are mounted to rails or tracks. The shelves then move on the rails to create an aisle. A mobile storage system can increase storage capacity by 100% as compared to a fixed system taking up the same amount of space. Mobile shelving takes up so much less space because instead of having an aisle for each shelving unit, it only needs one aisle for the entire system.

Other Benefits of Mobile Storage/Shelving System:
•Maximum density with 100% selectivity in most cases.
•Works with most order picking methods and equipment.
•Money is spent on storage, not aisles. Standard storage systems are typically only 40% storage and 60% aisle.
•Units provide extra safety and security when in the closed position.

A mobile storage system does cost more than standard storage rack. Here are a few examples of when a mobile storage system may be justified.

•If cost and availability of land or floor space is at a premium.
•If security is a problem.
•If energy prices are too high. (A smaller footprint takes less energy to heat or cool)
•If reduced stocking and picking time are desired.
•If reduced labor costs are desired.