Industrial Steel Storage Rack Overview

Industrial steel storage racks are designed to store palletized, containerized or large unit loads placed in the rack by material handling equipment. Think of steel storage racks as a super heavy duty shelving system. Here are the most popular types of steel storage rack systems.

Industrial Steel Storage Racks

Selective Pallet Racks: Made up of upright columns, cross braces and shelf beams, this simple system forms a storage level which allows loads to be placed. A single row of selective pallet rack can be accessible from both sides.

Moveable Shelf Racks: Movable shelf racks have the same basic features as selective pallet rack, the only difference being that the shelves are adjustable allowing shelving to be changed to match the loads being placed on it. The shelves can also be used as pallets when not in use.


Drive-In and Drive-Through Racks: This style rack allows fork lift truck operators to drive through or into the rack unit. This reduces the amount of aisle space taken up by the rack unit. Drive-In and Drive-Through racks are made up of anchored and braced upright columns attached at the top with load rails attached to the upright columns. Drive-In rack only allows one entry point while Drive-Through rack is accessible from both sides.

Stacker Racks: Also known as AS/RS and high rise racks, these racks have a much taller footprint than their standard rack counterparts. Some systems are built up to 100′. Stacker racks incorporate a fixed track design that that can service systems much higher than standard lift equipment. Many times these systems are constructed with the building to from r rack supported building.

Cantilever Rack: Cantilever rack is a basic rack system that is made up of two vertical columns attached to two load bearing arms. This type of rack works well with long items including, sheets of wood, pipe, and carpet rolls.

Pallet Flow Racks: Pallet flow racks use the same basic framework as selective rack but have inclined conveyor wheel sections running from front to back. The pallets are loaded at one side of the rack and selected from the other. This is an excellent system for fast moving products and allows the first loaded pallet to be the first taken pallet, great for products with an expiration date.

Pallet Stacking Frames: This simple setup allows pallets to be stacked on top of each other. Quickly disassembles when not in use.