Guide to Industrial Steel Containers

Industrial steel containers increase productivity and space utilization. With industrial steel containers, items of any size, weight or shape become unit loads that can be easily lifted, tilted or transported. In this post we’ll go over the two most popular types of industrial containers.

Welded Wire Containers: These containers are commonly used for shipping and storage. Some models can be folded down for return shipment or to save space. Welded wire construction holds up well to punishing loads and movement. Some features include,

• Light weight / uniform tare weights
• Contents of containers are visible
• Stackable

Corrugated Steel Containers: Corrugated steel containers provide maximum protection of contents and can be moved by horizontal and overhead handling systems. Some benefits of corrugated steel containers are,

• Practically maintenance free
• Rigid or fold down models available
• Stackable
• Fireproof
• Can be cleaned with liquid or steam

Consider the following when choosing an industrial steel container for your plant or warehouse.

•What is going to be stored? How big? How heavy? These are the main factor in configuring a container system.

• Decide if the containers will remain in the building or will be used for shipping. Shipping and dunnage is expensive, don’t get a heavy container if you don’t need one.