Saving Energy with Manual Equipment

With energy and fuel prices soaring, manually powered equipment is starting to make sense for more applications. Besides saving money on fuel and electricity, manually powered equipment has a lower initial investment and requires less maintenance. When purchasing manual equipment it is necessary to consider the amount of extra labor that must be hired to operate it and weight it against the cost of energy. The items below are some of the most popular manually powered material handling products.

Manual Stackers: Manual stackers eliminate the need to charge batteries or be plugged into a wall. A foot operated pump raises and lowers the stacker and doesn’t require excessive user input.

Manual Lift Tables: Similar to manual stackers, manual lift tables are raised and lowered by a foot operated pump and don’t require any electricity.

Gravity Conveyors: Moving products or materials across a warehouse is possible with the power of gravity conveyors. A well engineered gravity conveyor system can reduces touches and cut costs drastically when compared to a powered conveyor system.

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