Super Hoist Makes Overhead Installations Easy

Genie Super Hoist

Installing overhead air ducts, sprinklers, Sheetrock HVAC units, or electrical fixtures can be a dangerous job, especially if you are not using the right equipment. Carrying heavy materials up a ladder is not a good idea and renting scaffolding isn’t always cost effective. One solution to this problem is a lift like the Genie Super Hoist. The Super Hoist uses CO2 or compressed air to lift loads up to 300 lbs to a height of 12 feet 5.6″ inches or loads up to 250 lbs to a height 18 ft 4.5 inches. Another benefit to the Super Hoist is its portability. It can easily be transported by one person and it’s folding design fits in even the smallest of pickup beds. The hoist easily sets up in a matter of seconds and doesn’t require any tools.