The Genie® Superlift

Genie Superlift

Properly using lift equipment is one of the easiest ways to prevent worker injury and increase productivity. Unfortunately lift equipment costs money. That’s why the Genie Superlift makes so much sense. It can be used for multiple jobs and tasks.

Only have so many fork trucks in your warehouse? Use the Superlift for order picking. Need a drum lifter/rotator/mover? The Superlift empties, moves and rotates drums with ease. Working in a construction site? Don’t let your workers try to carry heavy objects up ladders, get them a Superlift. The Superlift excels in lifting ventilation ducts, piping, or HVAC units. The Genie Superlift is more than lift, it’s a drum handler, load lifter, and material mover all in one.