Evaluating Your Drum Handling Needs

Drums can be extremely heavy and difficult to move. Purchasing the proper drum handling equipment can reduce worker injuries and increase productivity. Evaluate your drum handling need by answering the questions below.

  • What are you going to do with your drums? Lifting, moving, tilting, racking, rotating, and mixing are all common drum handling tasks. Different drum handling techniques require different equipment.
  • Will you be using equipment such as a forklift, or crane to move the drums? Will you be moving them manually?
  • How frequently will drums be handled?
  • What size drums will you be moving?
  • What type of drums will be handled? Plastic, fiber and steel drums all have different requirements. Drums with rims or ribs can also effect equipment selection.
  • What are the drums contents? Liquid or solid? How heavy will the drum be when loaded?
  • Are there any space requirements? If the drum handler doesn’t fit in your workspace it’s no good.

Don’t forget environmental considerations. Leaking fluid can be dangerous and may bring severe fines from environmental agencies.