Choosing the Correct Storage Bins

Quantum Hulk Chrome Wire Storage WR7-20Plastic storage bins are great for storing and organizing parts, screws, tools and many other materials. To get the most out of plastic storage bins it is important to choose one made from a material that works with what is being stored.

Polyethylene Plastic: Offers excellent chemical resistance, strength, toughness and durability. Well suited for typical manufacturing environments. Works well in a wide range of temperatures. At temperatures above 120 degrees the material loses some strength.

Polystyrene Plastic: Known for rigidity and stiffness, much stiffer than polyethylene.

Polypropylene: Same properties as Polyethylene, but can withstand heat of up to 150 degrees without losing strength.

Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester: Dimensional stability, high weight capacity and the ability to handle extreme temperatures (-60 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit) are all properties of fiberglass reinforced bins.

ESD-Safe: Great for rooms with electronic equipment. Protects electronics from damage caused by static electricity.