Prevent Falls with Safety Matting

Falls and slips are are common workplace accidents that can easily be prevented. Installing high quality matting greatly reduces the chances of falls and provides workers with a comfortable surface for standing. Non-slip matting works great in areas where liquids, and grease can cause slippery floors. Below are some common terms related to matting.

Anti-Microbial: Compound doesn’t support growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. Perfect for locker rooms, swimming pools, gyms and other high bacteria environment.

Compression Deflection: The softness or comfort of a sponge mat. Measures how much a person’s foot sinks into the matting. Softer mats are great for workers who spend their day standing.

Durometer: Hardness/Softness of molded rubber mats.

ESD (Electro-Static Discharge): ESD mats prevent static electricity from damaging electronics.

Coefficient of Friction: The measure of traction provided by the matting. OSHA recommends a Coefficient of Friction .5 in dry areas and .25 in wet.

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