Plastic Pallets: The Next Generation of Pallets

Wooden pallets have become a staple of material handling but in today’s world they may not be the best choice. Wood pallets break, rot, quickly degenerate and use valuable natural resources. Plastic pallets are recyclable and can be reused many more times than standard pallets. Plastic pallets reduce worker injuries. Because of their lightweight modular design that eliminates exposed screws and nails they are safer to work with. The ability to withstand heavy loads and impacts are another strength of plastic pallets, plastic pallets do a better job of protecting products from damage.

Pallet Terms:

  • Nestable: Pallets that take up less space when stored.
  • Rackable/Stackable: Pallets with reinforced bottom rails for stacking on storage racks.
  • Dynamic Capacity: Capacity of pallet in motion.
  • Static Capacity: Capacity of pallet when stationary.
  • Racking Capacity: Capacity of the pallet with evenly distributed load on unsupported rack.

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