Caster Application Guide

Casters keep your business rolling. Choosing the right caster for the job will save money and headaches down the road. Consider these things when purchasing casters.

  • Capacity: What is the maximum load going to be? How much does the vehicle weigh? Are floors smooth or rough?
  • Floor conditions: Are floors smooth, rough or somewhere in between? Are casters going to transverse dock plates, elevator sills or other bumps?
  • Operating environment: Does the floor have water, oil, grease or chemicals on it?

Rubber wheels are quiet, servicable and floor protective.

Mold-On Rubber Wheel

Steel casters have the largest capacity rating and are great for corrosive and high temperature environments.Swivel Caster

Duralast Wheel

Polyurethane wheels last longer than rubber wheels are floor protective and quiet in use.

Plastex Wheel

Plastic wheels are chemical resitant, easy rolling and floor protective. has a huge selection of casters and caster parts.