Optimizing Your Shelving System

Lyon Bin Shelving

One of the most important steps in reducing picking time at a warehouse or production plant is to optimize shelving and storage cabinet systems. Whether you need a bookcase, file cabinet, locker or automotive storage, the following tips can help configure the most efficient shelving system possible.

  • Know what you are going to store. With so many styles of shelving and cabinets available it’s important to get a unit that meets your needs.
  • Look at the parts being stored and figure out the best spot for picking and loading.
  • Divide parts into groups of small, medium, and large as well as light average and heavy, for heavy items use heavy duty shelving.
  • Store large lightweight items above the operator’s shoulder.
  • Store small average weight items between the should and hip of operator so products are easily located.
  • Put large heavy items at the bottom of shelving unit. This allows operator’s to lift products using their legs or lift equipment.
  • 80% of activity occurs within 20% of inventory. Place high activity items between the workers hip and shoulder.