Pallet Jack Buyers Guide

Your Pallet Jack Headquarters. With so many pallet jacks available it can be hard to decide which one matches your needs. This quick list gives a rundown on some different types of pallet jacks and their uses.

  • Non-Corrosive: Great for wet or corrosive environments, these stainless steel pallet jacks can be washed down and are great for pharmaceutical, food and wet environments.
  • All Terrain: Sometimes materials need to be moved over rough surfaces. These pallet jacks can plow through the toughest terrain. Great for construction sites!
  • Scale Equipped/Freight Saver: These pallet jacks can reduce wasted time in shipping departments thanks to their built in scale. Instead of having to weigh items before they go on the pallet jack, they can be weighed while on the pallet jack.
  • Wheel-Nose: Wheel-nose pallet jacks are perfect for tight spaces. Their extra maneuverability allows them to position goods closer together than that of a standard pallet jack.

Choosing the correct pallet jack for the job will save you money and time.