Motorcycle Lift Buying Guide

1. Safety: A stable heavy duty lift will keep your bike from falling on you, while safety features like a toe guard protect from injury.

2. Weight Capacity: How much does your bike weigh? Make sure to get a lift that can handle the weight of your bike. You don’t want an unstable lift while working on your bike. Keep in mind that bikes weigh more when fully dressed.

3. Adjustability: Does the lift raise high enough for a comfortable working position? Can it be easily moved and stored in your shop or garage?

4. Standard Features: Features such as a drop down panels allow for easy wheel removal and access to the front fork while the ability to choose from electric or air powered models allows you to choose the right setup for your shop or garage.

5. Accessories and Customization: Optional accessories allow you to configure and improve your lift setup. Side extensions allow for other power equipment such as snowmobiles, atvs, trikes or tractors. Simple options like a tool tray can decrease wasted time and frustration when you can’t find the tool you need.

6. Design: You want a lift that is durable and looks good. Solid steel lifts offer excellent strength and are available in a wide variety of colors.

7. Reputation: There’s a reason why so many bike repair shops use high quality lifts. They may cost more, but they last longer, require less maintenance and securely hold the motorcycle.

8. Size: Do you ride a chopper or trike? A longer lift will be needed for these types of bikes. Do you have an atv or snowmobile? Side extensions are needed for these special applications.

9. Setup: Many lifts such as those from Handy come assembled and only require basic setup. You want to put your bike on your lift when you get it, not setup your lift.

10. Craftsmanship: A well built lift should give you and your bike years of use. All Handy Lifts are made in the USA and come with a limited warranty.