Handy TC623 Professional Motorcycle Tire Changer

Handy TC623 Motorcycle Tire Changer

A tire changer from Materialflow.com is a great addition to any motorcycle shop. The TC623 is an entry level model that offers a ton of features at a great price. The TC623 handles all types of motorcycle and ATV wheels and includes a one year warranty on parts and labor. A non-adjustable maximum air pressure protects expensive carbon and magnesium wheels from damage while a compact design saves floor space. Like all Handy products it manufactured in accordance with the very best quality principles and will provide years of trouble free use.
Specifications: Internal locking rim dimensions 6” – 23”Max. Tire diameter 39” Max. tire width 9½” Force on bead breaker blade 145 psi Working pressure 145 psi Inflating pressure limiting device max. 40 psi Power supply voltage 110 V Motor power 1.3 hp Dimensions 66” x 31” x 17” Net weight 395 lbs. The TC623 Tire Changer must be connected to the main electric power supply and the compressed air system.