The Handy Tear-Down Table

Tired of getting fluid all over your workbench and shop when repairing engines, transmissions or other lubricated parts? The Handy Tear-Down Table keeps fluid off the floor and more importantly off of you. This tear-down table allows for a cleaner, more efficient work area. Fluids drain into a polyethylene container allowing easy disposal while a locking drawer offers storage for tools, parts, or anything else. Handy’s tear-down table is ergonomically designed and built in the USA. The lower shelf is adjustable and is great for storing extra parts or large tools. Custom colors are available to match your shop or garage. If you are tired of a messy shop, large amounts of soaked rags, and slippery floors then this work table is for you. To purchase this table visit or call them at 1-800-338-1382.