Getting the Most From Your Table Lift

Lift tables are commonly used for stacking and unstacking various products. A lift table allows the height of the work taking place to remain fixed. This reduces bending, twisting and any other motion that could lead to worker injury. Here are some tips when using a lift table.

  • Stack piles as one product per layer. This is the easiest way for a worker to stack and unstack goods. If you have more than one type of product to be handled make sure you orient them all the same direction.
  • Products with alternative layers or those laid out in a pinwheel fashion are not ideal, these methods should be avoided. If items must put in a pinwheel or alternate layer style use a lift table that has a mounted turntable on top.
  • When unstacking piles, keep the bottom of the layer that is going to be unstacked just above the working height.
  • When stacking piles keep the lift table slightly below the working height.

Here are some more helpful tips when using a lift table.

  • For safety’s sake, operators should not have to lean over the pile to push or pull products on the opposite side.
  • If a product is too bulky it may cause the operator to have to lean over the pile to push or pull products on the opposite side.
  • Orient product to the machine or to the work being done. This will save time and worker energy.

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