Conveyor Systems: Selecting the Properly Sized Conveyor

The short guide below will assist you in choosing the right size conveyor system for your business. Contact Material Flow at 1-800-338-1382 for more information.

Package Size for Roller Conveyors
1. Box Width: Rollers should be at least 2″ wider than the product being transported.
2. Roller Centers: There should always be three rollers underneath a box.


Package Size for Belt Conveyors
1. Boxes shouldn’t be wider than the conveyor belt, poor quality boxes might drag on sides of conveyors.

Model 250TB Trough Bed Belt Conveyor

Package Size for Skatewheel Conveyors
1. Minium ten wheels per box.

Roach Aluminum Gravity Skatewheel Conveyor Section

1. Two inch clearance between package corners and outside of conveyor.
2. A roller conveyor with tapered rollers will keep packages properly oriented.

Curved Sections - All Sizes and Gauges