Improving Ergonomics, Reducing Injuries

Every year back injuries coast American industry $14 billion in worker compensation payouts. 30% of workers compensation claims are related to material handling incidents. By following the ergonomic guidelines below you can increase productivity and reduce worker injuries.

Reduce Bending Motions

  • Use lift tables, power lifters, and other mechanical assists.
  • Raise work level to height of worker.
  • Provide all material a work level.
  • Don’t lower anything to the floor that must be lifted later.

Lift tables reduce bending motions while increasing productivity. Visit for a large selection of lift tables.

Presto Lift Table

Reduce Twisting Motions

  • Put all tools and materials in front of the worker.
  • Use conveyors, chutes, and slides to change direction of materials.
  • For seated workers use adjustable swivel chaires.
  • Give workers enough room for their whole body to turn.
  • Improve layout of work area.

Work Positioners can rotate materials, reducing twisting motions for workers.

Reduce Reaching Motions

  • Eliminate horizontal reaches of over 16″. Put machine controls and tools as close to the worker as possible.
  • Place materials and workplaces close to workers.
  • Reduce size of material being loaded, allow worker to easily position materials with a pallet positioner, or lift table.
  • Keep objects close to body.

A scissor lift keeps objects close to the worker and reduces reaching and other hazardous movements.

Scissor Lift

Eliminate manual lifting and lowering

  • Use lift tables, hoists, balancers, drum handlers, dumpers and other lifting equipment.
Reduce weight of objects

  • Reduce size of objects being lifted.
  • Reduce weight of containers.
  • Reduce number of objects being lifted.
Increase weights of objects and use mechanical equipment

  • Use bins and containers with fold down sides in place of smaller containers.
  • Use palletized loads.
Reduce Hand Distance

  • Use grips or handles.
  • Provide scissor lifts, turntables, and tilters.

Reduce the need to pull and push

  • Use powered conveyors.
  • Use powered trucks.
  • Use drum handlers, dumper and rotator.

Reduce required pushing/pulling force

  • Reduce weights of loads.
  • Use gravity conveyors, or ball bearing conveyor systems.
  • Maintain floor surfaces and provide handtrucks, dollies and portable lifters.
Powered Conveyor

Powered conveyors eliminate the need for workers to push and pull prodcuts.

Eliminate the need to carry objects

  • Conveyors, ball caster tables, and other equipment eliminates the need for workers to carry products long distances.
  • Lift trucks, hand tucks and dollies make moving akward objects easy.

Reduce Weight of Objects

  • Reduce size of objects if possible.
  • Reduce capacity of containers.
  • Reduce weight of containers.
Plastic Storage Bins

By reconfiguring your storage bins you can reduce weight and worker injury.