Examples of Specialized Pallet Rack

In addition to standard pallet rack systems there are many specialty racking systems available. These racks are great for specific products and high flow situations. Read the guide below for more information on these specialty racks.

Gravity Flow Racks

Flow Racks

Flow racks allow products to flow from back to front. When loaded properly the oldest inventory is removed first. Thanks to their clever design they can increase productivity and reduce worker fatigue. These racks are available in several specialized configurations including: pallet gravity flow, greenhouse gravity flow, hospital gravity flow, and mobile flow. These racks are great for high flow applications where inventory is quickly coming in and going out.


Drum Pallet Racks

Drum Pallet Racks are designed to store high capacity 30 and 55 gallon drums. The great thing about these racks is that the drum cradles are removable, allowing standard pallets to be used if desired.

Backstock Racks

Backstock Rack is one of the most economical storage solutions. It’s great for storing bulky products and the high strength steel beams with wood decking ensure durability.

Tire Racks

This tire rack is designed to keep tires organized and out of the way. Perfect for service shops, car dealerships or even an auto enthusiast’s garage.


Cylinder Pallet Racks

These pallet racks safely secure and store cylinders. This unit features fork pockets and access to individual cylinders. Casters are also available. Perfect for storing those loose helium containers.